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“My son has always had a love of science and thanks to Passion for Inquiry, he has been able to explore more deeply his interests in subjects such as magnetism, electricity, life sciences, and various sticky gooey slimy things!
Many experiments he has brought home are still in progress. He loves to show his friends and adults his self contained pond among other fascinating things!
…Thank you Lisa, for fostering my son's 'passion for inquiry' in a dynamic, positive, nurturing environment. You have found your calling!”
Liz, Burlingame

“My son and daughter love Lisa's classes.  Lisa is an amazing teacher, both in her natural ability to connect with children, and in the way she makes science so exciting and accessible.  She loves what she does, and her enthusiasm is infectious! Lisa is also very reliable and a person of great integrity; an all-around great role model.”
Deb, Burlingame

“Lisa Dettloff and the Passion for Inquiry team define what 21st century learning must be. Lisa creates authentic science experiences for kids of any age that are engaging, creative, hands on, content-rich, purposeful and fun.  Her curriculum runs the gamut from biology, physics, chemistry, earth sciences, engineering, geology, technology, sustainability and ???.  Kids don't just pretend to be scientists, they are the scientists with a science journal, a question they want to answer, a phenomenon they want to explore, a hypothesis they want to test, a method they will document, and a finding they can report.  As a life-long scientist with 20 years at the Lawrence Hall of Science and 6 at Nueva School, she began Passion for Inquiry to address the disconnect between the need for creative, well-prepared science-minded students in the world today and the lack of authentic, engaging science education. What is probably most amazing about Lisa is that working with her EVERY student realizes first she/he CAN be a scientist, an inventor, and/or a researcher despite how a traditional science program might make them feel and second she/he WANTS to be a scientist because it is so exciting.  For those who still may choose another path, her program helps any child develop the habits of mind and set of lenses to look at any problem or challenge and feel confident they can tackle it, take it apart, work with it and have fun doing so.  Her labs (because she uses no textbooks or dry lectures to teach her subject) are incredibly well prepared and allow for natural differentiation among students.  However, she never “dumbs down” her experiments, she expects students to rise to the occasion and they ALWAYS do. Her tools and materials are high quality and, most importantly, authentic.  If the experiment calls for liquid nitrogen she brings it and teaches the kids about safe handling of tools and materials.  One additional note, Lisa is an amazing role model for girls and young women in the 21st century.  She proves that as a girl, you can be cool and a scientist, that science, technology, engineering whatever scientific path you might choose is a way to help solve the challenges the world may face and she puts science in the context of the bigger picture every single lab! It is time to revolutionize science education in our country and Lisa is on the vanguard of that movement.  Get her while you can!”  
Linda Yates and Paul Holland, Portola Valley

“My daughter loved science with Lisa - and I love that kids, especially girls, are exposed to science in such a fun and engaging way at such anearly age.”
Jennifer, Burlingame

“The class gave my son great exposure to science, it was helpful to me because he is not always excited about science in school, but was about the class!”
Denise, Burlingame



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