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Educational Consulting Services

Traveling Science Lab

Passion for Inquiry’s traveling science lab brings adventures in science inquiry to private students in their homes. These custom-designed science workshops enrich the scientific expertise and passion in elementary and middle school children.

Chosen by many families in Silicon Valley who seek the highest quality education for their children, Lisa’s inquiry-based science programs reach over forty private students in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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Curriculum Development

Curricular units, teachers’ guides and educational tools covering a variety of science inquiry topics:

  • Inquiry-based Science Program at The Nueva School
  • Educator’s tools for Microsoft’s Next Media Research Lab
  • Green Building Design unit for the US Green Building Council LEED Gold Award at the Nueva School
  • Published articles on science inquiry in education journals

Educational Presentations

  • Interactive programs on the Science of Climate Change as a presenter for Al Gore’s Climate Project, selected in 2007 and personally trained by Al Gore
  • Presentations at Science Education conferences and convention

Passion for Inquiry is based on a lifetime of experience in science education

Lisa Dettloff’s adventure in science education began when she entered UC Berkeley at age fifteen to study physics. At seventeen, she began teaching at the Lawrence Hall of Science, a science education research center at UC Berkeley, presenting planetarium shows and hands-on science workshops. Her twenty-one year career at Lawrence Hall, developing curriculum and presenting workshops, large-group science shows and teacher workshops added richness and depth to her exploration of inquiry-based science education. A passion for adventure lead to ten years of international science education programs, teaching internationally for six months each year, in a variety of settings, ranging from large international schools in capital cities to small village school houses and schools for street children, in Guatemala and Nepal. Back in the US, Lisa spent six years as Science Specialist for the Nueva School, an independent school for gifted children, where she developed an innovative science education program, in conjunction with colleague Fred Estes. Her traveling science lab brings inquiry-based science classes to an expanding group of private students from Silicon Valley to Marin County. She works as a presenter for AL Gore’s Climate Project and has consulted for Microsoft’s Next Media Research Lab.

Current and Recent Work

The Nueva School Inquiry Science Program
As Science Specialist for six years at The Nueva School, Lisa developed an exemplary inquiry-based science program, in collaboration with colleague Fred Estes. The Nueva School is an independent school for gifted children. Their progressive program is founded on current research in teaching and learning, as well as on their own combined experience and investigations in science education. Click here to learn more details about the inquiry-based science program at Nueva.

The Climate Project
Selected as a presenter for Al Gore’s Climate Project in 2007, Lisa was personally trained by Al Gore to present his material on Climate Change as a volunteer. Her free presentations to schools, community groups and educational institutions have inspired thousands of youth.
Click here to learn more about Lisa’s educational presentations for The Climate Project.

World Wide Telescope
As a consultant for Microsoft Next Media Research Lab, Lisa developed educator’s tools for World Wide Telescope. This innovative software is a virtual astronomy tool that offers the ability to interactively browse through a vast database of astronomy imagery data in multiple wavelengths and create interactive tours and animated presentations. Her package included tutorial tours, sample curriculum and written educator guides.
Click here to learn more about Lisa’s educator’s tools for World Wide Telescope.

The Green Building Challenge
As part of the Nueva School’s LEED gold award from the US Green Building Council, Lisa developed the Green Building Challenge. This project-based curriculum uses design-thinking skills to teach children about the science of green building.
Click here to learn more about the Green Building Challenge



Lisa Dettloff
Lisa Dettloff

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