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Educational Presentations

The Climate Project

In 2006, Lisa was selected as a presenter for Al Gore’s Climate Project. She was personally trained by Al Gore to present his material from “An Inconvenient Truth” as a volunteer. Her free presentations to schools, community groups and educational institutions have inspired thousands of youth. She also worked as an assistant district manager for Northern California, working with the core Climate Project Team to develop curriculum and expand programs.

Lisa’s scientific curiosity and love for the earth lead her to explore the issue of climate change more deeply. As she has gained depth of understanding in this complex topic, she is ever more aware of the critical nature of the situation and the importance for science education. The role of the science educator is more crucial than ever, to understand the changes our planet is experiencing.

Here is a description of her free presentation, offered to schools and community groups:

Climate Change: The Science and the Solutions:
A free presentation from the Climate Project

Climate change due to global warming is one of the most crucial issues we face today. Deepen your understanding of the science of global warming and the issues surrounding it. After an overview of the science of climate change, this interactive presentation offers a comprehensive study of climate change solutions, on the individual, community and national levels. We will look at the reports released by the scientists on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and get recently updated scientific information on the effects of climate change in the Arctic and other sensitive places on the planet. As we dive into exploring possible solutions, we will discuss the solutions bill currently being debated in Congress, study green building practices, and will learn more about how carbon offset credits work. Finally, we will discuss what individuals can do to get involved in solving this important issue. This presentation ends with an upbeat four-minute film that presents a positive vision from the future, in the year 2050, as mankind solves the climate crisis.

To learn more about the Climate Project, go to

Presentations at Conferences

Lisa presented “Chemistry for Kids: The Cycle of Inquiry” with colleague Fred Estes, at the National Science Teachers Association for the past five years.

They also presented this workshop at three National Association for Gifted Children conferences, plus several other conferences.Lisa presented “Inquiry-based Science Using World Wide Telescope” at the National Science Teachers Association conference and the American Astronomical Society conference in 2009.

Lisa with Al Gore
Lisa with Al Gore

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